Massage Therapy performed by Registered Massage Therapist – RMT


All massage performed by RMT.

All of our massage treatments, including hot stone, are performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and will be issued with a receipt. All massage treatments include the use of aromatherapy excluding Pre Natal Massage.

Rejuvenate Relaxation Massage  25 min ~ $55         55 min ~ $95         85 min ~ $135
A soothing, gentle full body relaxation massage to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Relax and enjoy slow Swedish techniques to reduce tension, pain and improve circulation. Release daily stresses while enjoying our foot and scalp massage to finish.

Renew Massage – Anti migraine massage  25 min ~ $60
Relax and melt away your stresses with a head, neck and shoulder massage. Focusing on pressure relieving areas and a soothing scalp and face massage, this treatment will help to release tension and leave you feeling renewed. Use of lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils assist with the relief of headaches.

Deep Tissue Massage  25 min ~ $55         55 min ~ $95         85 min ~ $135
A more focused therapeutic treatment recommended for those who receive massage on a more regular basis. Your therapist uses specific deep techniques to release chronic muscle tension and pain areas.

Hot Stone Massage  55 min ~ $105         85 min ~ $145
Warmth radiated from smooth hot stones helps to loosen tired and achy muscles while relaxing your mind and body.

Prenatal Massage  55 min ~ $95         85 min ~ $135
Focusing on the expected mothers needs, pregnancy massage helps to reduce stress, swelling, discomfort and pain. Special positioning is used to ensure proper support and comfort.

Side by Side Massage
Request any of our massage treatments Side by Side. Enjoy your treatment in the same room with a friend or loved one.

Ashiatsu Massage 55 min ~ $100      85 min ~ $140
Experience a unique barefoot massage in which the feet are used as the massage tool. Bars overhead are used by the therapist during the massage for pressure, balance and support. The broad and smooth gliding strokes promote deep relaxation while the unique Ashiatsu techniques are effective in relieving chronic pain. Excellent choice for those who prefer a deeper pressure, Ashiatsu is sure to be a memorable experience.